Ypres to Nieuwpoort September 21

International day of Peace..

Left Ypres on the morning of Sept 21 with two brief stops at Tyne Cot with much significance to Australia, New Zealand and Canada (in addition to the British forces) and the battle of Passchendale. We also stopped at the German cemetery at Langmarck. We reached the sea and the end of the WFW in time for a lovely lunch of steamed mussels and fries (er…chips). And of course much celebration and sad farewells to my new friends. I will have a few more posts to make in the next few days before wrapping up the postings for this blog. Stay tuned. I’ve left out many details over the trip, but will add a few thoughts in the coming days. And I will continue to process what I have experienced…

I have added John McCrae’s poem In Flanders Fields and AD’s letter of September 23, 1915 in the Quotes and Passages page.

The wonderful Commanders of the WFW Cyclist Platoon! Thank you Tam and Alice!
Tony’s great picture of the unstoppable Tom Heap, who did the entire Western Front Way on a 1920s 3-speed bike! Only needed replacing two spokes in 1000 kms. Thanks Tom for leading us in this very memorable trip of remembrance!

4 thoughts on “Ypres to Nieuwpoort September 21

  1. We were in Dixmuide last week and I saw this and thought of your pending ride Many congratulations

    Bill Wright Sent from my iPad Mob: 07817 170619



  2. Wow, what a fascinating trip you have had! I really enjoyed your posts…got a little choked at times too.
    Wish I was riding along with you… looking forward to hearing more about the trip over breakfast and coffee, when you return.
    Continued safe travels.


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